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Protecting the EU’s External Borders and Schengen: How Can it Best be Achieved, What Tools do We Have, What do We Need?

Online Debate (Zoom) – Thursday, 18.11.2021, 12:00-13:30 CET

With the discussion about how best to protect the EU’s internal and external borders having gone on for decades, this lunch-time debate will focus on the latest developments and challenges. Border management at the EU’s external and internal borders has faced several stress tests in recent years, especially the migratory crisis that commenced in 2015 and is starting to resurge, as well as the recent restrictions due to COVID-19.

The event will analyse the latest proposals and reforms on the functioning and operation of EU border management, including Schengen, as well the recent enhancements of Frontex’ role and responsibilities. It will put all of this in perspective of political tensions within the EU in how best to deal with a continuous flow of irregular migrants, as well the resurrection of internal border checks within the Schengen area.

The question will be asked whether what we have in place is enough or if more has to be done and how this can be best achieved. The debate will offer a platform to inform and discuss these issues together with two long-standing experts in the field of EU border management.

The debate will be opened by:

Arto Niemenkari, Deputy Head of Finnish Border Guard, National Integrated Border Management (IBM) Coordinator, Helsinki
 width= Dr Jorrit Rijpma, Professor of European Law, Europa Institute, University of Leiden Law School
Organiser: Ramin Farinpour, Course Director - Criminal Law, ERA

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